Cold brew coffee recipe

Cold brew coffee

Cold brew coffee

I’ve been obsessed with cold brew since I first tried it. With cold brew not widely available, it can be difficult to get hold of some when you want it, so I decided to make my own! It’s really simple to make and you probably own all of the equipment needed to make it.

How is cold brew different from iced coffee?

First, a mini science lesson into why cold brew tastes so great as opposed to iced coffee which can taste bitter or diluted.

When you cold brew coffee, you produce less acid as brewing in cold water produces different chemical reactions to brewing in hot water. Hot water cooks whilst it extracts which cause different chemical reactions and can release a bitter flavour from the tannins. With the cold brew method, the extraction is slower and brings out the sweet and natural flavours of the bean more subtly.

Cold brew method

There are many methods of making cold brew coffee but this one is a quick and easy method which produces enough for a few days worth of cold brew.


1. Set your grinder to a medium coarse setting, if it’s too fine you will find the cold brew cloudy and gritty.

2. You need a ratio of about 1:10 coffee to water so if you are using a 6 cup cafetière which holds a litre of water, I would say to grind betwee about 70 – 80 grams of coffee.

3. Add the cold water to about an inch from the top, then stir and cover with cling film tightly just over the glass container, leave the lid off. (some people prefer to use bottled water as the tap water can affect the taste but you can play around and see what works for you)

4. Let the cold brew steep for 18-24 hours, in or out the fridge. Some say it is better to leave out but it still tastes great either way!

5. Pop the lid of the cafetière on and press down GENTLY until all the grounds are at the bottom. Test a little bit to make sure you are happy it isn’t cloudy then transfer to a jar or bottle to store in the fridge. Cold brew can last up to a week if stored correctly.

(if the cold brew is cloudy, you may have ground the coffee to fine or pressed too hard on the cafetière and let ground through, you can filter the liquid through a coffee filter if this happens, just wet it first so the coffee doesn’t taste like the filter!)

6. Enjoy your delicious cold brew! I have it on its own but you can add milk or flavourings or over ice if it’s a hot day.


One beauty of cold brew is, it is ready to go, so is perfect for a rushed morning or pre gym pick me up!