Coffee workshop

Coffee workshop 

Barista basics beginners course 


King Shots Coffee is now offering a barista basics course which includes:


  • How to operate a coffee machine
  • Explanation on extracting times and perfecting an espresso
  • Setting up the grinder and how grind size affects extraction
  • Correct tamping
  • An exploration into different coffee types
  • Demonstration and practice of steaming milk for different drinks
  • And most importantly, making and trying lots of your own coffee!


This workshop gives you the opportunity to have a hands on approach at making great coffee with the help of a trained barista.

This Course is perfect for home baristas, a gift for coffee lovers or anyone who has an interest in making great coffee.

We can come to your house, workplace, event or anywhere there is a power source. The course will run for about 1.5 hours.

Prices are £85 per person or £95 for two people.

Contact us to book or to discuss further details.